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Now thats a way to put yourself on the map, holy shit!
Their previous beer, Joozy, a New England IPA, won the silver medal last year in the category Best NEIPA. But that’s not even what i am hyping about right now. It’s about their latest release: Exotiqa, a Double Dry Hopped New England Double IPA, containing 8.2% abv, a IBU of 30 and 18g of hops per liter beer. For the beernerds among us that still don’t have enough information: Citra, Mosaic & El Dorado hops form this orgy of flavor!

Brouwerij LOST - EXOTIQA -
Lost – Exotiqa

First sip: blown away…
As I always tell everyone: your second sip will always be even better, due to the fact that your taste buds get acquainted with the profile the beer brings.
Second sip: blown away…
Okay now WHAT is happening?

By the time my glass was empty I had a few things going through my mind:
1. How did that happen so fast?
2. Why am I sad?
3. How do I get more?

The answers of these questions I will provide later, first I would like to dive into the hops! Literally as well!
As being said, it contains a blend of Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops and they work majestically well together in this rate because their profile, and that’s what I would like to talk about for a bit!


Goes fantastic as in a single-hop beer (for example IPA), for its gigantic amount of citrussy notes in both flavor and aroma, with a gentle bitter like taking a bite in the zest of a citrusfruit. At the same time, in a blend it helps to bring out other fruity flavors as well, what a banger!

Citra Hops

Mosaic is one of those examples that covers all 3 of the purposes hops can have: aroma, bittering and flavor and is therefore a perfect match for a lot of other hops. It is mainly used as aroma hop though. Besides bitterness, Mosaic brings mango, berries, pine, citrus and herbs to the flavor and aromas of tropical and stone fruit.

Mosaic Hops

El Dorado
Excellent dual-purpose hop. As a bittering hop it delivers a very well-balanced bitterness, while used in later additions you can get all the fruity tones from pear to watermelon and from stone fruit to… a lot of other tropical types of fruit. Its fruity as fuck!

El Dorado

Right, now that you have read all that, you might be able to answer my first question yourself:
1. How did my glass end up empty thát quick?
Quite easy to answer now, right? All that fruitiness, the brewers keeping track of when to use what type of hop during the process and paying so much loving attention while the beer was evolving, delivered them a gem that makes me (and I busted myself on doing this) taking 2 sips every time I would normally take 1. No wonder the glass was empty that freaking quickly…

2. Why was I sad?
If you can not answer this question yourself by now, click here and read the article! (psst, that is a link to the top of this article, you silly)
And I took only 1 can…

3. How do I get more?
Also, quite easy. Grab phone -> text the brewer -> order 2 boxes -> wait 2 days -> TADAAAAAAA

the LOST boyz

Now what is the actual reason I decide to write about this beer? It is because I respond to certain beers in certain ways and I had some new experiences with my way of responding while I drank this beer. This pleased me so much, I want to remember that, ánd why. Its the hops, baby!

Did you find this read interesting, enjoyable, did I upset you, have I accidentally sold your house to someone else with it, please let me know in the comments below!

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